E60 vertical lift

The E60 vertical lift

Main advantages of the E60 vertical lift:

  • Depending on site conditions, can be supplied either for a masonry shaft in a building or with a self-supporting lift shaft,
  • With no lift pit (15 cm)
  • No headroom requirement (ceiling height is sufficient),
  • This special lift can be incorporated into an existing building.
  • The platform moves in a closed shaft
  • With a smooth movement and jolt-free starts and stops.
  • Extremely space-saving due to its small foot-print
  • Additional comfort from the hydraulic drive and almost noise-free operation

Technical data
Maximum number of doors: 6
Accesses: possible in 3 sides
Maximum working load: 300 – 500 kg (depending on size)
Maximum lift: 19 m
Stops: up to 6 stops possible
Power supply: 230V / 16A
Cabin size: maximum 2m2, minimum 560 x 600 mm