What our customers have to say

  • Parliament Building, Bern
  • UNO, Geneva
  • Olympic Museum, Lausanne
  • Prime Tower, Zürich
  • Waaghaus, St. Gallen
  • The Raetian Museum, Chur
  • Vaudoise Insurance, Solothurn
  • Sports Hall, Bellinzona
  • Natural-historical Museum, Basel

«I couldn’t stay in my own home without the lift and my family is also thrilled about how inconspicuous this lift is. It is a great help in my everyday life.»
Käthi Huwiler, Häggenschwil

«Högg’s skilled advice impressed me; quality was maintained and promises kept. All comments were very favourable when I held a little inauguration party with my neighbours.»
Eva Locher, Turgi

«The reliable installation team completed the installation in only a very short time. There was no disruption for me.»
Erika Iversen, Lichtensteig

«The stair lift was carefully installed. The installers took time out to instruct and train me in its use and they explained the new lift well.»
Berti Markwalder, Alt St. Johann

«Högg is also always available for me after the lift’s installation.»
Beda Kälin, Lachen

«The lift was delivered at he agreed time and allows me to cope with the stairs safely.»
Christian Beusch, Egg ZH

«The seat lift extends over four floors – it makes my life so much easier.»
Luciano Bernasconi, Zürich