Wheel chair lifts

Platform lift GTL20
for straight staircases

Platform lift GTLE
for straight stairs or stairs with curves

Platform lift GTL30
with curve and change of gradient

Ceiling lift RL60
with wheelchair suspension

Ceiling lift RL50P
with platform

Our wheelchair lifts and platform lifts provide barrier-free access for wheelchair users. We offer you solutions for in- and outdoors.

The differences between the wheelchair lifts and platform lifts are:

  • Platform lift GTL20 is suitable for straight stairs.
  • Platform lift GTLE is made for stairs with curves and constant rise angle.
  • Platform lift GTL30 can be used on stairs with curves and changes of inclination.
  • Ceiling lift RL60 is suitable for minimal space requirements.
  • Ceiling lift RL60P is based on the same system as RL60, but offers an additional platform.