Acorn130 seat lift

Acorn – the straight lift, also for narrow stairs
Our Acorn stair lift restores your independence. It takes you safely up and down any straight staircase without external help. In this way Acorn enables you to live an independent life in a familiar environment. Being mobile throughout your home increases your quality of life – at an amazingly low price. With its well thought-out, user-friendly application, our seat lift is also the optimal solution for your needs. The rail is mounted on the steps.

Essential advantages of the Acorn seat lifts

  • straight stair lift for narrow conditions; the rail is only 140 mm wide
  • well-designed construction
  • reasonable price
  • simple operation on the armrest
  • seat can be swivelled at the upper end of the stairs
  • minimum space requirement in the parking position of only 310 mm
  • can also be used outdoors
  • available with hinged rail

Comfortably to the upper floor
The straight stair lift Acorn takes you comfortably up and down. In addition to upholstered seating, our seat lift also has stable armrests. The soft start-up guarantees a pleasant start and arrival. Thanks to the unique technology, the seat can be turned at the top end of the stairs so that you can get in and out easily and safely.

Easy operation
You operate the Acorn seat lift with the handy button on the armrest and can also operate the lift via wireless call and transmission points.

Your safety has top priority
The Acorn lift meets the most stringent safety requirements; for example, it is equipped with contactors that stop the lift immediately if it encounters an obstacle. Of course, the seat is equipped with a safety belt. The Acorn stair lift consists of a narrow rail and a folding seat. This lift is available from stock at short notice.

The installation is simple and does not require any conversion measures
Thanks to the battery operation only the connection to a socket is necessary. The seat lift for people with reduced mobility is installed within a few hours – and you can easily go upstairs again.